Microblading Eyebrows – Shape Up To Unlock A Stunning Visage

Microblading eyebrows add oodles of appeal to your face by tweaking just one basic feature. If you’ve never done any eye-makeup, you wouldn’t know how important your eyebrows are. They shape your whole face, give character and prominence to your features, and the slightest change in them changes your whole appearance.

Yes, we’re talking about those important curves in your face the eyebrows! Rework the arches and your whole face stands out. You probably think of microblading eyebrows as some elaborate, obscure procedure. That means posturing for hours and running around to arrive at multiple settings. But wait until you get your facts!

It’s a simple, increasingly common cosmetic procedure that gives shape and definition to your eyebrows. It is as simple as drawing with your best possible eyebrow pencil shade, and keeping it for good!

Permanent eyebrow shaping is a trend here to stay – see why

Before microblading came into being…

There was a time when long, thin eyebrows were the fashion. This trend had everyone rushing to salons to get tweezing or threading (gasp!) done. This meant, essentially, that you had to get each hair pulled out individually. Not only did this call for a lot of patience, it often meant that the individual had to bear up against redness, pain, rashes or worse.

When microblading made its way in, it found instant appeal

Microblading eyebrows are the more practical and better-looking option; it does not make the eyebrows unrealistically thin. It fills out gaps in the eyebrow and draws with a deft touch to make eyebrows look realistic – that is full, thick, and shapely.

You might not notice until you look closely, but eyebrows aren’t exactly symmetrical. One might have more flyaway hairs than the other or might have a slightly different shape. If one eyebrow has a pointy arch but the other one doesn’t, permanent eyebrow shaping can take care of this imbalance. Microblading covers up flaws and fixes patchy or missing eyebrows for good. For this reason, it can be called permanent eyebrow makeup.

Here’s a look at the many advantages of microblading eyebrows

Reliable results: It saves you several minutes every morning as you sit down in front of the dresser to fix up your eyes and lips for the day. You no longer have to worry about getting it just right with your eyebrow pencil. You don’t have to wonder in the middle of the day if the lines you drew in the morning have faded away. Even better, there is little chance of smudging up your eyebrow pencil lines and ending up looking like a panda (and not a cute one).

Consistency of features: Think of it, you no longer have an issue with taking an impromptu run down the beach or at the gym because trickling sweat is not going to ruin your eyebrows anymore! Caught in a sudden shower of unseasonal rain? No problem, your eye makeup may get washed off, but your eyebrows are going to stay put. The same applies for when you get emotional and tears rain down.

Authentic process: If you see it as something simply akin to permanent eyebrow pencil, then it is also the right course to take after a medical procedure. Some medical conditions result in the loss of eyebrows. To mitigate the loss, a simple cosmetic solution to mask the condition is to get permanent eyebrow shaping done. In this case, however, it is important to clarify with your doctor and get the go-ahead for the procedure.

The promise of microblading eyebrows – bright-eyed and bushy-browed

Permanent eyebrow shaping addresses all kinds of eyebrows:

Bushy eyebrows: The procedure makes you forget that you had long unruly hairs extending longer than you liked. You no longer need to rub the gel in and comb them. Remember the more products you use, the more gunk it creates, and it won’t be long before the hairs start to fall off. This situation is avoided when you get a microblading tattoo that doesn’t need to be touched regularly.

Barely-there eyebrows: Some have very few hairs in the eyebrow region. When you have very sparse hair or no eyebrows at all, a permanent eyebrow tattoo is an excellent solution that has a minimal effect on the health of the skin.

Light-colored eyebrows: People with extremely light-colored complexion and hair tend to have light, even blonde or light brown-colored hairs in the eyebrow region. These can be enhanced, and the pigment deepened to give a more natural-looking, full eyebrows.

What’s the simplest way to understand microblading meaning?

Is microblading eyebrows like getting a tattoo? Yes – a permanent eyebrow tattoo, except people won’t know you’re inked. Instead, they’ll notice your bright forehead, or admire your eyes.

Behind the art of drawing a realistic brow-hair by hand are some delicate, practised moves. A rolling motion of the fingers twisting the microblading tool helps to draw realistic-looking brows. While slicing the top layers of the skin, the chosen pigment is simultaneously embedded into the area. The thickness, curvature, and length of each stroke are controlled by the artist.

This isn’t an invasive procedure – it’s not the same as going under the knife – a touch of shaping, some added thickness or feathering, and enhancing the curves – and you’re all set to dazzle.

Microblading eyebrows are simply getting an artist to draw feathery strokes in the place where your natural brows should be so that the lines look like fine hairs. They are made symmetrical and will be judged (and altered as needed) by the stylist for thickness, shade, arch, and appearance to suit your face.

Microblading eyebrows are done with a set of fine tools the stylist uses to embed pigment into the topmost surface of the skin. This is why it is considered to be the same as getting a tattoo – but the results are short-lived compared to a tattoo. This is a much finer procedure done on a relatively small, sensitive area of the face. Tattoo ink is deposited much deeper and hence lasts longer.

What goes into crafting a permanent eyebrow

This entire process is done by hand. This is why the shape and quality of work are dependent on the skills of the artist. They use round-shading needles, fine blades, stroke pens, shaping corrector sticks, and saline paste for corrections. Since it is done with the help of fine needles, the process of permanent eyebrows can also be called embroidery, or feather touch. It calls for intense concentration and specialized skills on the part of the artist and these are the main reason behind permanent eyebrow makeup cost.

The technique requires working on the facial skin which is thinner than the skin in other areas. Hence, it needs some time for recovery. Your best bet is to gain in-depth information on microblading eyebrows. It will help you decide whether the procedure is ideal for you.

The first step in the procedure is to get an assessment of the skin. This determines the types of products to be used. Anesthetic gel/cream, saline paste, and pigments are chosen based on the skin type of the individual.

How do you decide if permanent eyebrow makeup is for you?

Microblading a valuable tool for anyone who wants to tame their eyebrows. What’s not to like about it – it saves time, it gives you great-looking features, and it doesn’t call for maintenance every day. But here are some points to take note of:

How permanent is the permanent eyebrow?

Straightaway, you should understand that this is a long-lasting eyebrow treatment. High-quality work done by a certified and talented brow artist that’s preserved with proper after-care routines can last anywhere between 6 to 18 months. This way, it can be thought of as a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure.

The best way to approach the idea of getting permanent eyebrows is by sifting through the reviews of reputed salons and then visiting them personally to see which one makes you feel most comfortable. Have a chat with a brow artist about the suitability of the procedure for your case.

A word on microblading cost

If you’re a first-timer, or attempting microblading after a very long gap, you have to get the absolute best quality procedure to see lasting results with minimal damage to the skin. A superior procedure also means reduced recovery time. Microblading cost in India ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000. At this price, you can be guaranteed of sterile conditions, modern tools, and expertise at work.

The procedure lasts 90 minutes to 120 minutes including pre-consultation, after which you will be advised some care procedures and precautions by the stylist. Following these to a T will ensure a trouble-free recovery and achieve a neat appearance of the newly-shaped brows. The cost and the duration required for the procedure is mainly due to the fact that each feathery line or touch-up is done a line by line, in fine slices. This allows the artist to be in total control of the emerging shape of the eyebrow.

For this same reason, it is important to find a skilled expert, and stick to him/her for following appointments. They will keep a log of your history, appointments, and reactions, and after-care routine advised. It is also likely that the studio will offer you discounts or coupons to be redeemed on follow-up sittings, so your microblading eyebrow cost is managed better if you take advantage of these offers.

How to identify a good microblading tattoo studio:

Choose a studio with an established name: A reputed studio has loyal clients, so it makes sense to go by word-of-mouth following someone who has had a first-hand experience. You can probably rope in the friend to go with you so that the person with experience can make you more comfortable and also help you get more information on costs, care, choices and maintenance.

Research microblading eyebrows costs: Don’t make the mistake of thinking you found a cheaply priced service by luck. It is a costly procedure and the cost of permanent eyebrow shaping depends on the artist’s years of experience and skill level. Unheard of low prices can be more of a warning bell than a cost advantage in this case.

Keep your eye open for general hygiene: Although this is a minimally-invasive procedure that works on the uppermost layers of the skin, it is very important for the studio and the artist to follow perfect hygiene. This care you take keeps you away from infections and inflammation of sensitive skin.

Ask about the products and tools: There are both medium strength and low strength numbing gels used by eyebrow artists. Determine which products would be used and for how long. Ensure that you get a patch test done ahead so that you steer clear of inflammation or allergic reactions.

Observe the artist’s manner and confidence level:  Good artists with several years of experience to their name will go out of their way to make you comfortable. They will be happy to answer your questions, and iron out your fears (if any) before signing you up for the procedure. In most cases, you will have an appointment before the actual sitting in which your existing eyebrows and underlying skin will be evaluated to see how well it will bear up to the 3-hour long procedure.

Guidelines for microblading before and after

Preparation for before you get started with your microblading procedure

  1. This is a procedure that lasts a minimum of 2-3 hours. You are required to be relaxed and as motionless as possible. Even a tiny moment in your head, neck and spine, even a wave of your hand as you address an itch will result in major distraction to your stylist. He/she will have to stop until all your movements are done.
  2. Mental preparation is important too: You have to minimize emotional upheaval and distress. Anything that makes you stressed will result in the clenching of facial muscles – your eyebrows will be furrowed and your temples and cheekbones will be tense. This can mean your artist has to leave the numbing agents and gels longer until they take effect.
  3. It helps to have your social calendar freed up at least a day or two before the procedures. This keeps you away from social drinking, and the need to take pharmaceutical drugs or pain relievers. The use of ibuprofen, for instance, interferes with the topical numbing agents used by your stylist. Drugs make you jittery as they work on your body’s chemical balance. It’s best to avoid taking them.
  4. Also, avoid taking some supplements such as cod-liver oil a day before the appointment. If you need a complete run-down of things to avoid, your salon will give you the best possible advice.
  5. Stick to a simple, familiar diet in the days leading up to the procedure so that your body is relaxed and you can zone out without any heartburn. The same applies to the timings you keep. Sleeping and waking at familiar times keep your body clock running smoothly.
  6. Many people find it relaxing to carry headphones so that they can play familiar music or listen to an audiobook/podcast as the stylist carries on with the procedure.
  7. It’s important to wear loose clothing that allows free movement. You should be able to relax in these clothes for a long time, without worrying about dangling accessories. A shawl might come in handy, depending on the climate.
  8. Absolutely important is letting your eyebrows grow out to their untouched shape so that the stylist can decide on the best level of thickness and shape. This means avoiding tweezing, threading or pencilling in your eyebrows for at least a week before the procedure. This will also give the skin time to rest.

Before getting started, it would be helpful to show the artist a few pictures of what you feel would be an ideal brow shape, and the artist can tell you if the style would suit your face shape.

Points to take note of after the procedure:

  1. After the procedure, keep your eyebrows dry for at least 24 hours and up to 7 days. Avoid bathing, washing your face, or any other contact with water. It is helpful to use disposable paper tissues to ensure complete dryness. Even sweat can be damaging, so be sure to avoid heavy activity.
  2. Also keep away from the sun, UV rays, rain, and direct exposure to harsh elements. It helps to stay indoors.
  3. Do not use eye-makeup or any other cosmetics in the area until you get completely healed. (that means no redness in the area)
  4. There may be some redness or itching up to a month – resist the urge to scratch, and do not panic if you see flakes coming off.
  5. After 4-6 weeks, you can have a follow-up session which is called the perfecting session. Before this is done, you may observe flaking of the pigment, and the stark finish of the day after the procedure fades out a little. This is natural.


You can expect to get to the point of complete healing 3-4 weeks after the procedure. This is when the true beauty of the artist’s work can be seen best. High-quality treatments ensure that there is little fading. With enough care and perfecting after the initial session, it is possible to keep the effects of microblading eyebrows for 2 years or longer.

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    1. Microblading cost in India ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000. At this price, you can be guaranteed of sterile conditions, modern tools, and expertise at work.

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