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How to Treat Your Self to the Perfect DIY Pedicure At Home

Be it rain or sunshine; well-kept feet never go out of fashion. They are a reason to show-off those new wedges or confidently go bare-feet at the beach or a house party.

And if you are the kind of girl who values inner-happiness, we are sure you won’t complain about the relaxing effects of a pedicure or the joy of running your fingers over a supple, soft pair of feet.

But sometimes, this happiness and relaxing luxury can come at the cost of your money and more importantly time.

Then there is also the conflict in your head where you should go for a salon-style pedicure ( which, you will agree, is truly professional and so relaxing! ) or should you stick for a DIY pedicure and probably compromise on the way it turns out.

It does put you in a spot, right?

Well, we can’t guarantee you a salon-style pedicure feel, but our quick step by step guide for a quick at-home pedicure can sure make your feet just about fabulous.

Let’s get started.

Foot Health – Why Do Your Feet Essentially Need the Pedicure?

Your feet can say a lot about you.

An unkempt foot is often a sign that you don’t take care of and maintain yourself.

It mars your personality. However, we understand that it is no fault of yours. A busy girl, like you, has a lot going for her and often it’s your feet that carry you and endure a lot of abuse.

But have you ever stopped to wonder what might happen if you completely neglect them? ( guilty as charged? )

Well first off, the most common thing that might happen to you is that the thick and hardened skin that forms underneath your foot can cause slight to significant discomfort.

FYI, this condition is called Callus feet and can be pretty painful to walk. The exfoliation of this skin via pedicure can make your feet baby soft again and takes the discomfort out.

To add to your misery, the corns and the cracks might further aggravate the pain. Having a monthly pedicure routine can keep these annoyingly painful conditions at bay.

It’s not just the foot; the toenails can also become a home for those nasty fungal infections to thrive. And guess what baggage fungal infections carry? An odour that makes you gag. This happens when you don’t keep your nails and sweaty feet clean enough.

A nice pedicure is the key to deep cleansed and odourless beautiful feet and of course, devoid you of embarrassing situations.

Your feet also have important acupressure points, and often a good pedicure massage helps you relieve yourself of the pent-up tiredness and fatigue. Again, this is way better when someone else does it for you ( like in a salon ), but a quick self-massage might give you some momentary relief.

The icing on this cake is the final stroke of your favourite colour of nail polish, on oh-so-clean nails and boom! You got feet which never looked so beautiful.

So yeah, I think we can both agree that pedicures are fantastic.

When Should You Get a Pedicure – Timely Pedicure Is the Key.

More often than it should be, in our busy lives, we forget to schedule a pedicure. Before we realise it, months have passed, and our feet are screaming for help.

Usually, heading to a spa and getting an expert to help you out, might not always be possible, but a pedicure at home is still an option.

Whether you follow pedicure techniques explained to you by your favourite fashion influencer on Instagram or decide to get creative and make your own pedicure DIY ritual; the key is to do it often.

Just like you maintain a monthly schedule for eyebrow threading or waxing, create a slot for a pedicure. A fortnightly pedicure is a great idea. And with a homemade pedicure, you have an option that is less demanding in terms of time.

Pedicure at Home – Replicating the Spa Pedicure Experience

We will repeat it if need be, to emphasise but when it comes to a salon or a spa pedicure, the experience of being pampered by someone and have them tend to your feet is something else.

Comfortable massage chairs, calibrated soak buckets, professional pedicure kits, the relaxing perfumes and a menu of options; a spa pedicure is when you feel like an absolute princess.

While we recommend it highly, you can, in your creative ways, try to replicate this at home. Set the mood for it, light some aromatic candles, dim the lights, gather all the tools you need, and you are all set.

Getting Started with Your DIY Pedicure at Home

It would be a good idea to invest in a basic pedicure kit, also known as a manicure set.

Make sure you have these things before you start

1. Cuticle cutter

2. Nail cutter

3. Foot file

4. Nail buffer

5. Nail file

6. Q-tip or earbud.

7. Pumice stone

8. Cotton balls

9. Cuticle softener (optional)

10. Nail polish remover (optional)

11. Lotion

12. Small water tub

13. Nail polish (optional)

14. Your favourite playlist and some green tea to sip on

Next, gather your favourite bath salt and soap. You are now ready for your homemade pedicure.

Step by Step Process to Get Salon Ready Feet at Home

Step 1 – The Nails

Start with removing any old polish from your nails with a remover. Wipe it clean with a cotton ball. Cut your nails to the length and shape you desire. Once done, file them to give a good finish.

Step 2 – The Soak

Fill the tub with warm water, the higher the temperature, the better. Trust me; it will calm you down. Just ensure you don’t burn your feet! You might want to keep some extra hot water on the side for later.

Add a little shower gel and your salt. We love Epsom for its pain relieving properties or lavender salts for the perfume. However, good old sea salt works too.

The magic of a good homemade pedicure foot soak is that you can customise it to however you want. ( I like to go crazy with the temperature of the water )

An excellent addition to this step is to rub a little honey onto your nails; this helps in softening the hard skin and cuticles.

Dip your feet in and let your skin soften a bit, as you allow the warm water to soothe you. Give this about five minutes or about the time your new favourite song takes to finish.

Step 3 – The Clean-up

Remove your feet from the tub, one at a time.

Use the pumice stone to scrub the base of your feet, nicely.

The abrasive surface of the stone removes all the hardened dead cells so that your feet can breathe. In case you have thick scales, do not worry.

Use a foot file to scrape off all the hardened surface and dip your feet in the water again for a while and then use the pumice stone.

You can pick a half decent pumice stone online which should do the trick.

Step 4 – The Nails, Again.

It is time to make your nails pretty so that you can flaunt them. Dig into your pedicure kit to find the cuticle trimmer. Use it to dislodge any access hardened sweat deposits from the crevice between your nails and fingers. Gently trim any protruding cuticle at the side.

Next, rub the cuticle cream onto your cuticle and nails to soften them. Petroleum jelly or some cold cream will also do. Leave it on for five minutes. Now, lightly, use the cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back into your nail bed. This process might seem a bit scary but you will be done in no time, and it is essential.

With this, we are through with most of the pedicure steps. Add the extra hot water into your tub and soak your feet right back in.

Step 5 – Scrub and Moisturise

In the last few steps of your pedicure DIY, just scrub your legs and feet with your favourite facial scrub. I personally love apricot and walnut, but you can choose any, that you want.

Wash it off in the tub, pat dry and then cover your legs and feet with generous amounts of body lotion or moisturising cream. Let your legs soak in all the goodness.

Step 6 – Nail Polish!

As your legs and feet get sufficiently hydrated, choose your favourite colour of nail polish. We recommend the use of a transparent base before the colour, but if you change paints often, dive in head first and apply two coats of it. Let it dry.

And, just like that, you are done with your pedicure at home!

Healthy feet are Happy feet!

My mother used to say that if you ever want to know how well people take care of themselves – watch their feet.

And I still swear by it!

Even for the uninitiated girl, it isn’t complicated to follow these pedicure steps to get well-kept feet.

Of course, now and then, a visit to the spa is entirely worth it. But in case of time being an issue, we have got your back with this super-easy solution.

Go ahead girl, treat yourself with these easy to follow pedicure regime at home.

Stand tall at your beautiful feet and let your heart soar high!

How did your pedicure at home go? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. That’s a good idea to make sure that you have a nail file for a home pedicure. I would think that would give you a much smoother result. I’ll have to consider getting a nice one that I could use for a while so that I could have smooth nails for a long time.

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  5. Prep cuticles with cuticle remover —make sure it s not an oil or a balm—to help dissolve dead skin and soften the area. Contrary to popular belief, cuticle for cleaning underneath nail tips. Your cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and keep them soft, so avoid cutting them.

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