Are Permanent Eyelash Extensions Worth The Hype? Know It All From Top Salon Professionals

Beat the hassle of curling, DIY adhesives, and chunky mascara – Get a lasting solution with permanent eyelash extensions

Your eyes are stunning features that get people’s attention the moment they lay eyes on you. Flitting up and down to reveal their beauty or hiding them momentarily, your eyelashes are the striking enigma that adds oodles to your expression. If not with your own, you can try permanent eyelash extensions to get the magic working.

Soft and shiny, contrasting against the smooth skin of the eyelids, what’s not to like about fluttery, feathery lashes?

Eyelashes effortlessly add oomph to the aura created by your features. With a little effort, you can make onlookers go gaga over the magic created by your lashes. What do you do when your natural eyelashes don’t always stand up to the make-up?

The magic begins with eyelash extension lashes

To amplify the x-factor when you bat your eyelids, natural eye makeup is not enough. Breaking out an eyelash curler is within your reach. It’s simple enough to use once you get the hang of the instrument. But what if your natural eyelashes don’t show good results? There is a solution in permanent eyelash extensions that makes all these worries go away.

Eyelashes, like all other hair, go through a shedding phase and do not always support dramatic makeup. When you need to play up your lashes for a special evening out, there are solutions among lash extensions that give them the extra boost.

Get permanent eyelash extensions that solve the problem of droopy, sparse, limp lashes, and the solution is here to stay. They are the perfect canvas upon which you can build any look you want.

First off, be clear on what you want from your lash extensions. You want:

  • Curly lash shape
  • Full, thick lashes
  • Longer lashes
  • Freedom to try different colors, glitter, etc

Permanent eyelash extensions make all this possible, without the worry of fixing yourself up for each party or outing and spending endless hours trying to perfect the technique.

A glance at the history of eyelash extensions

False eyelashes have been used since the late 1800s. The first trials were made with human hair, mink fur, synthetic hair, or horse hair. Since these early times, people took elaborate pains to sew hairs one after another on to the eyelids for the prized “full” eyelash look. Modern methods are far more sophisticated and easier on you. You have to commit a few hours, and with follow-on after-care, you’re all set to bat your lashes at someone again.

It was in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, that the use of different types of temporary fixes and permanent eyelashes was first reported. Similar reports came from several parts of Europe, and the trend became popular given how stunning the effect of using false eyelashes was. Theater, motion picture artists and high-society ladies were among the first ones to try out different types of eyelash extensions – both the one-time use type and the longer-lasting kind. These elements of makeup help their natural features become more pronounced.

The important fact about permanent eyelashes is that they’re not the same thing as false eyelashes. They look and feel real, and are far easier to handle. They do require maintenance – it’s a rule that begs no debate – you should go only to reputable salons for any types of eyelash treatments.

How to go about getting permanent eyelashes – the steps and significant facts

Start by Googling ‘Eyelash extensions near me’, and you’ll get a list of stylists and salons that specialize in the technique of giving you realistic and velvety permanent eyelash extensions.

You then need to know what you want – what length, thickness, and whether you want a color or glitter on the fringe. Of course, this last option is suited for only parties or special occasions, and not for your day-to-day needs, unless you’re in showbiz.

Decide on what type of eyelashes will suit your needs. Do you want to ramp up your everyday style or are you looking to target a special look for a special occasion?

If you want the minimal hassle and long-lasting fixes, permanent eyelash extensions are the answer. Permanent eyelash extensions cost can be forbidding, but it pays in how authentic they look and how much trouble they save.

Here’s a rundown on types of eyelash extensions and who they’re for:

Eyelash extensions today come with a lot of conveniences and minimal discomfort to the user. The first thing they save for you is time and trouble boggling over how to use those false lashes that come in strips or an eyelash curler that can be tough for daily use. They also give you a better-finished salon-perfect look. Therefore, they’re suited to anyone who wants to make their eyelashes more attractive.

The very first difference between temporary eyelashes (or what are popularly known as fake/false eyelashes) and semi-permanent ones is that the latter lasts longer and is done up by professionals for you. Since you have them on 24 hours a day and head out with no extra grooming, they are sometimes referred to as permanent eyelashes.

The main types of eyelash extensions are:

Mink (faux mink, of course): Real minks are exploited for eyelashes too, but if you want to steer away from animal products, faux mink is a good option.  They’re cheaper than real mink but mimic its light, feathery quality. Faux mink eyelash extensions cost starts at Rs. 10,000, and this doesn’t account for your salon appointments and cost of hiring the lash stylist.

Synthetic (acrylic lashes): Acrylic eyelashes tend to have more body, and this means they are heavier on your eyes. They also have a shorter curve and are harder to curl than natural ones. The greater weight naturally gives a bolder look, but it is even tougher on your lash line. Make no mistake, and they have to be done by an expert stylist. Acrylic eyelash extensions are priced the lowest on this list. The price starts at Rs. 6000

Silk (synthetic silk lashes):  While mink looks most natural, silk eyelash extensions have a shine about them. They’re not made of real silk, but of synthetic fibres that give the deep dark, stark look. As far as silk eyelash extension price goes, they’re right in the middle, higher than acrylic ones and lower than mink. The price starts at Rs. 8500.

Human hair: This type is undoubtedly the most natural-looking of all eyelash extensions. They are light, and the damage caused to the lash line is the least. They are long-lasting, and for this reason, are suited to older ladies and those with a weak lash line or weak natural lashes. But the trade-off here is that they don’t offer a plump, dramatic look. The enhancement of the look is minimal.

This is a classification based on the material used.

Then there are types of eyelash based on treatment:

Classic lash extensions: where only one lash extension is glued to each natural eyelash

Volume lash extensions: where several fine lashes (a lash clump) are added to each natural eyelash

Remember the latter kind is more of a modern technique, takes longer to apply, and also causes more wear and tear on your natural lashes.

The low-down on the eyelash extension procedure – the role of eyelash extension glue

When you walk into a studio to get eyelash extensions added to your natural lashes, you will be quizzed on the look you hope to achieve. This will help the stylist determine what type of extension suits you. At the actual appointment, they will get to work bonding a lash extension to each one of your natural eyelashes. Each human eye has anything between 100-200 eyelashes. This is why a typical procedure of eyelash extensions takes 3-5 hours.

A glimpse into your eye’s physiognomy:

Understanding your eyelashes and their growth rate tells you a lot about why this procedure costs so much and takes so long. Not only are there a staggering number of eyelashes on your eyelids, but they’re also at different stages. You have eyelashes that have just sprouted and are in the growth phase, then comes the transition phase, and there are ones in the resting or shedding phase.

This tells you how long your extensions will last. It is common for extensions to fall off when your natural lash sheds over time. This means you stand to lose a few extensions every day. You can expect to have the full set of extensions to last for 2-3 weeks, after which you can get a partial replacement. As your lashes grow out, re-bonding of extensions needs to be done. This can be done after 4-5 weeks after your original procedure. For those who wish to preserve a full set at all times, refilling every 2-3 weeks or monthly, replacement procedures are inevitable.

Will there be damage to the eyelid or natural eyelashes?

This depends entirely on your eyelash stylist. And this is also the reason you need to choose someone who has good credentials and a flawless reputation. The skill of the stylist comes in not letting the chosen extension or the eyelash extension glue touch the lash line or anywhere on the eyelid. Even the best of products can irritate the sensitive skin of the eye, so it is a significant point to take into consideration.

Simply put, when done correctly in sterile surroundings, there should be no damage or pain to the eyes. There is no chance of infection either. This is why you will do yourself a favor by choosing a reputable eyelash studio with trained stylists. It is the most significant decision you would make concerning the procedure.

A good salon will also keep you aware of the precautions and after-care. They will have helpful suggestions for eyelash extension before and after routines. Especially if you are out to get permanent eyelash extensions for the first time, or are experimenting with different types of eyelash extensions and curls, it pays to be proactive and ask the stylist for the care needed.

Plan ahead for eyelash extension before and aftercare

Now that you know which salon and when the procedure is scheduled, start with preliminary care. Free up your social calendar so that you are not concerned about visitors, meetings or deadlines. The night before, wash off all makeup and towel-dry your face gently. Sleep without any cream, lotion or gels; even if you have the habit of applying a night-cream or masque, avoid it. Ensure that you get your full quota of sleep, so your eyes are well-rested. On the day of the procedure, don’t wear any make-up, and strictly no products on the eyes. Contact lenses are also a no-no. It is best to avoid jewelry – wear very small pieces if you must.

For after the procedure, don’t plan outings. Your stylist will advise you about when you can get the eyes wet again. For most eyelash extension glues used in the market, it is essential that you don’t let water or steam touch them for 12-24 hours after the procedure. It is also best to avoid direct sunlight.

Batting a new set of lashes – You’re now ready to party!

You can be sure you made the right decision in getting permanent eyelash extensions the moment you head out the next day. You will save time in your morning routine, and you don’t even need mascara!

It is good to give your eyes a break from mascara – the product only makes your lashes brittle and all the rubbing to get it out at the end of the day further irritates your skin and eyes. And the whole point of getting permanent eyelash extensions in the first place is so that you always look like you have mascara on. That said, if you want to add a layer of mascara for extra weight, you can do that with no worries.


Build awareness and make sound decisions about eyelash extensions. The most important things to look out for would be the skill level of the stylist and how sophisticated the studio is. When these are in place, the procedure is completely safe. You get to turn heads and savor admiring looks with your new long, tapered eyelashes.

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